Taking the time for regular massage is important and has the ability to relax skeletal muscles, increase blood and lymph circulation, while reducing stress and anxiety.

Breaking the cycle of stress and a key factor in improving one’s overall wellbeing.

Remedial Massage

Treats damaged or strained muscles, tendons, ligaments or connective tissue using firm pressure, along with movements. It helps to assist with the bodies healing, restores function and natural movement.

Lymphatic Drainage

Massage using specific techniques for moving lymph fluid. Great in the management of lymphoedema, swelling, fibromyalgia, breast cancer patients, post-surgery patients and people with suppressed immune systems.


Used to reduce pain, swelling and stress, which usually appears within pregnancy. May assist to decrease blood pressure, reduce swelling and encourage better sleep.

Sports Massage

Aimed at sport enthusiasts or athletic people. It is used to help prevent injuries, to prepare the body for the specific sport and to maintain condition. Forms part of a training or athletic program, maintains muscle flexibility and strength.


Consists of many gentle techniques to reduce your feelings of stress and increase circulation to all areas of the body using a gentler pressure, provides the body with a general feeling of calm.