At Core Motiv, you can be confident that our expertise in a variety of manual therapies, evidence-based medical techniques and clinical skills, will get you back on your feet, and back to the way you want to live your life.

Foot & Leg Pain

Many foot and lower limb conditions are caused by improper mechanical function. Such problems influence the way we walk and can seriously impact mobility later in life.

Gait Analysis

Critical analysis of posture and movements while you stand, walk and run identifies the mechanical cause of your pain. Lower back pain, for example, can have its origin within the gait cycle and lower limb function.

Kids In Sport

Early assessment and treatment will avoid complications later in life. We are here to support your child while they grow and develop. Let’s keep your child doing what they love and set them up for life!

General Podiatry Care

This is a broad category, including and not limited to; foot mobilizations/manipulations, exercise/stretch programs, toenail resection, general diabetic foot care and neurovascular (NVA) assessment, corns and callous, nail/skin conditions, aged care and preventative and restorative footwear.

Orthotic Prescription

We have a range of devices available to best suit your needs. Custom, functional foot orthoses are made in a laboratory to a practioners prescription, to prevent abnormal motion or position of the foot and leg during gait.

Our Guarantee

We have full confidence in our ability to prescribe you with accurate custom orthotics. That’s why our fully prescribed custom orthotics come with a 100% comfort guarantee.

If your custom orthotics prescribed by one of our podiatrists are deemed not to be 100% comfortable due to an inaccurate prescription, we will issue new orthotics with a brand new prescription at no extra charge.